A podcast really is Radio 2.0 - like radio, but better! Unlike video, the consumer has the convenience of listening while doing other things. A Podcast is more focused than radio and more convenient than video. Your podcast should be a powerful tool. If you are giving your listener VALUE, packaged in an enjoyable experience, they will come back for more (& talk about your show to their friends). 











Podcasting as a Marketing & Business Development Strategy

Having built a Podcast Network for The Scalable Company, Darren has a deep dive understanding of the whole process, from concept and strategy to Production and Monetization. But most important, how your Podcast fits into both your customer journey and your marketing strategy.


A podcast can be a product in itself, and he can help you build that. Or a podcast can be your 'credibility/trust creator' in the awareness stage of your customer journey. The top of the funnel for your campaign. Darren can help you build this funnel and create a podcast people will want to tune in to. Darren can also help you to grasp and attain the lesser-known benefits to podcasting, and build your listener-base to the point that you can montetize it.

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