Darren grew up in the UK but made the move to California at age 19 and built a life around music. In 2016 Darren made another drastic move & relocated his family to Music City. In spite of the Music Industry's turbulence, Darren has always forged a way forward, pivoting in smart directions with the Holy Grail being to ALWAYS BRING VALUE and Make Something Beautiful.



Darren has produced music ever since he worked with Vineyard Music in the early '00's & he ran his own recording studio for a decade. In more recent years he has successfully paired Investors with artists resulting in some great partnerships & beautiful music.

While in California Darren found a niche as a freelance Music Production Consultant & Audio Recordist for successful agencies such as Level Studios & Razorfish & even individuals such as Jon Anderson of ‘Yes'. 

Some, however, will have heard of Darren due to his music with Ryan Delmore & his wife Jessie in ‘The Burn Service’, as guitarist for Jeff Searles in ‘Everyone', or for Daniel Whittington in 'Rhodes' - the band in which he got to open for the legendary ‘Aerosmith’. But Darren's published songs have also put his name out there, with his most well-known song being ‘I Love Your Presence’, a worship song which was made famous by Bethel Music & sung all around the world.

When a client approached him about producing a volume of Vintage style instrumental guitar he leaped at the opportunity to pay homage to the Rock & Roll greats. This has been a few years in the works & the growing library of songs, 'Everglades Rhythm' is available for sync and streaming. 

In 2015 Darren was excited to move further into 'storytelling' with a move into the Podcast production world. He launched with ‘Perpetual Traffic’ – a marketing Podcast for Digital Marketer. To date, the Forbes Recognized Podcast has over 5 million downloads & has ranked in the 'Top 10 Podcasts for Smart Entrepreneurs'. This success has brought Darren other clients in the high-end podcast space. Darren now runs the podcast network at Scalable Podcasts which includes Business Lunch with Roland Frasier and TheDigitalMarketer podcast. Immersed in Marketing and Business content, Darren's understanding of marketing and podcast strategy has grown exponentially. 

Behind all of Darren's expertise is years of experience, but he's also a believer in education. It follows that he has a BA in Guitar & Music Business from London's ACM. He actually licensed some of their curricula & developed some of this own, & with his wife, founded the Modern Music Academy in San Luis Obispo CA. He taught Guitar, Song Writing & Production to over 1000 students from 2003-2012. These days he carries that teaching ability into public speaking appointments such as the Podcast production panel at 'Traffic & Conversion', workshops on Creativity at The Wizard Academy in Austin TX, and his 'Podcast Takeaways' workshop for Podcasters.

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