Molly Pittman


"Darren is the reason that our podcast is a success. He's not only skilled in piecing together the perfect story, he makes it sound like a true piece of art. Thank you, Darren!" 

Ralph Burns

Dominate Web Media

"Darren is THE MAN when it comes to piecing together the content, enhancing the story and setting the mood for our podcast. There's no question in my mind he is the biggest reason why our podcast has been such a success. Thanks for all you do D!"

Todd Peterson

Red Canary Productions

I’ve worked with Darren Clarke on numerous projects over the past couple of years & each & every time he blows me away with his musical creations. He is fun to work with & brings a creative element to my projects that sets them apart from the rest. For video, Darren’s tracks are a thousand times better than stock music.’ 

Daniel Whittington

Vice Chancellor at

Wizard Academy

'Darren is one of best producers I’ve ever encountered when it comes to a solid understanding of the big picture in a recording process as well as the ability to fine tune the details. Darren is able to keep a larger view of how each individual part will help turn the work into one solid and complete masterpiece.'